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Re: HYPOS and seizures WASRe: [IPk] Constant highs

Well that does help a bit.  We would always use hypostop first anyway. Also
our school won't administer Glucagon, so the only thing that they would have
to give is hypostop.


> > A few months back we had a brief discussion about the assertion in the
> > > Ragnar Hanas book that glucose is only absorbed through the digestive
> > tract
> > > and can not be absorbed through oral mucous membanes. (
> We were always taught that glucose CAN be absorbed through mucous membranes,
> but it's a long time since we studied physiology (and also threw away our
> books, which might have clarified these points - research was done a long
> time ago and without going into library archives it's difficult to find out
> more.)  We have found some more recent studies which, while not being
> relevant to this discussion, are based on the fact that glucose can be
> absorbed in this way.  (For example, at the risk of boring you all:
> "Carrier-mediated transport systems for glucose in mucosal cells of the
> oral cavity", published in a foreign pharmaceutical journal in 1999,
> investigates HOW glucose transport occurs - not IF, because it is already
> known that it DOES.)  We don't agree that glucose gels are not effective and
> even may be dangerous.  They are designed to be concentrated such that when
> applied to the mucous membranes, they will stay there until the glucose has
> been absorbed, and they should not be diluted by saliva and swallowed or
> trickle down and compromise the airway.  We  have used them on many
> in hypoglycaemic children and adults during our combined 18 years of
> experience, with excellent results and without complications.
> Glucose gels such as "Hypostop" CAN be used safely to help treat hypos,
> especially if delay is likely until definitive treatment can be given.  We
> think they SHOULD be used if no other treatment is available.
> Mary and Paul
> Mary IDDM 30+, 508 21m, medic 20y; Paul married to Mary 20+, still
> her, medic 21y+
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