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[IPk] INPUT Ireland

Hi all -

You are all aware of the work of INPUT in the UK, particularly around 
funding issues. With the help of John and Debbie, we have launched INPUT in 
the Republic of Ireland.

I'm very excited about our first attendance at a diabetes conference in the 
Republic. We'll be introducing INPUT and the ease, safety, facility, and 
freedom of insulin pumps to approximately 300 people at a juvenile diabetes 
conference being hosted by the diabetes centre at Our Lady's Hospital for 
Sick Children (known as Crumlin Hospital - even though it's in Drimnagh!). 
John will be travelling from the UK to help me deal with the mob. My goal is 
to see at least one child in Crumlin on a pump before the end of the year. 
The clinic there has the interest, but they just haven't got it together 
yet. I'm hoping that our presence at their conference, plus the presence of 
Medtronic and Disetronic will help them get their act together!

If you know anyone in the Republic of Ireland who is interested in pumping, 
please send them to INPUT via the email address email @ redacted 
Alternatively, they can ring the INPUT mobile on 087 7584755 (if you want to 
ring from the UK, dial +353-87-7584755). You can also direct them to the IP 
page on pumps in the Republic of Ireland, which Tony and I have written. The 
page is at: http://www.insulin-pumpers.org.uk/roi/


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