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Re: HYPOS and seizures WASRe: [IPk] Constant highs

>Honey is not a particularly good choice. It contains complex sugars
>that must be digested rather then glucose which is absorbed by mucous
>membranes directly. A far better choice is glucose gel which has a
>consistancy similar to honey.
Hi Michael -

A few months back we had a brief discussion about the assertion in the 
Ragnar Hanas book that glucose is only absorbed through the digestive tract 
and can not be absorbed through oral mucous membanes. (Hanas references an 
article in JAMA in 1978). Michael, do you know of any articles, published or 
not, that contradict this study?

Perhaps if you don't know yourself you can pass this query to the other IP 



Grain is the enemy of the sedentary classes.

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