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Re: [IPk] Update on no funding

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Hi Pat
Thanks for the advice. The interesting thing is, from what I can make out, 
this Dr Smith (who I will see at Kendal, rather than Lancaster...nearer) is 
the registrar to Dr Walmsley who turned me down! 

> The consultant who said he
couldn't see a medical need for you to be on a pump, with no experience
of pumps, is not, in my opinion, qualified to make such a judgement. 
Exactly! How can he say anything after admitting he knows nothing about them?

>If there will be a long delay in seeing him on the NHS, see if he has
private patients, and will give you an initial assessment while waiting
to see him on the NHS.
I may look into this. The health authority usually write and let you know the 
referral has been received and say roughly how long the waiting list is, so 
I'll take it from there.

>Once Dr Smith has said that there's a need, you can ask for the money
locally (not from Lancaster).
Our health authority, (Bay NHS trust or something...keep changing their 
name)! covers Barrow, Kendal, Morecambe, Lancaster and anywhere in between so 
this is classed as a local referral. The trust here now will not refer out to 
other trusts unless there is no consultant for that particular speciality 
within the area. That's why i'm limited to staying within the area :-(

>The pump manufacturers will loan you a pump for three months, so you may
well have within a month, some results showing better control which are
all the economic argument you need.
Hey, I didn't know this! Is the info. on the INPUT site about how to go about 
this? I guess it would be the best idea to wait until I see the consultant 
then maybe enquire more about this.

>Do also look for alternative sources of funding.  Try Kendal library (I
think that's the biggest reference library to you) for details of local
charities.  Try your union, your church, etc. (as applicable) many of
them do have welfare funds, and will, with the support of Dr Smith, be
able to help.  

Well, interestingly I work in the Barrow libraries! (Only a branch library). 
But I will have a look around for any charities that may be interested. We 
have a branch of Diabetes UK here, albeit only designed for children and 
parents at the moment. I just haven't really taken a lot of notice in myself 
over the past few years. I have two children, one with autism and adhd and 
the other with adhd and know what a constant battle it is to get 
consultations and funding for them. It's an uphill struggle all the way! 

Thanks once again...I'm so glad I found this list!
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