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[IPk] Update on no funding

Thanks for the replies on my last mail.
Now for an update.....
I went to see my GP again and he showed me a letter he had been sent by the 
consultant who he had referred me to, about 3 months ago. Basically, the 
consultant said he had no experience with pumps, they aren't available on the 
NHS unless, and I quote here, 'there is an urgent or pressing medical need'. 
Um, I guess IDDM type 1 isn't a pressing medical need, as, in his opinion, I 
wasn't deemed worthy! Also, he said he did not feel he should offer me an 
appt. to see him regarding my poor control and the problems I was having as 
there was a Dr Kodali here in Barrow who was trying to run a clinic of sorts 
and as this was in my immediate area, that is who I should see. Well, the 
problem here is I have had appt after appt cancelled at short notice over the 
past three yrs by this clinic and that was the main reason my GP referred me, 
and numerous others, to this other consultant in the first place. But he said 
he knew the clinic was 'overstretched' and had 'teething troubles' and the 
doctor was 'overwhelmed' but he hoped this would even out in the near future! 
That wasn't good enough for me or my GP.
He did go on to say that there was another consultant within the local area, 
again practicing from Kendal or Lancaster, called Dr Smith, who had just 
started one patient on a pump, albeit privately, and if I was insisitant, 
then the GP could possibly refer me to see him. But he went on to say there 
was no expertise within the NHS regarding pumps and I would have to rpovide 
my own follow up if I was to 'buy a pump'.
 My GP (bless him)! has said he will back me on this and has referred me no 
problems. So now I have to wait another  3 months to a year (waiting times) 
to see this guy, if he will see me! So, I will try and write a letter, using 
info from the INPUT site stating my case in the meantime and see how I get on.
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