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RE: [IPk] BG Meters

Hello Melissa

Thanks for your boring, stodgy advice!!!  I agree its more about the lancing
device than the meter, but if the meter only requires a teeny weeny drop then
that should help.  Sometimes I can only get a teeny weeny drop, especially if
I'm having a hypo and have peripheral shutdown...

I currently use a Microlet which (John will be pleased to know!) is the most
comfortable I have used so far...but that's been for 1 - 4 tests a day, not 8
- 10.

Anyone else?

(Always in the market for a more comfortable bg test)

-----Original Message-----
From:	Melissa Ford
Boring, stodgy, and with scarred-fingertips,

P.S. The lancet pen and the lancets have a lot more to do with the comfort
and convenience of testing than the meter, IMHO. Hands-down (oh, bad pun!) I
prefer the Becton-Dickinson Ultrafine lancets (teal plastic) and the
Becton-Dickinson lancet pen (mine's kinda cream-coloured).

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