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RE: [IPk] BG Meters

Hi Lesley,

The number of bg tests I have done in the past 8 years has led to so much 
scar tissue (and possibly mild, not-at-all debilitating--in fact quite 
convenient--nerve damage) along the sides of my fingertips that I don't 
wince when I test anymore. I can feel the pricking most of the time, but it 
doesn't bother me. On a psychological level, I have come to *expect* the 
fingerprick so much that I hardly react.

I am not bothered about finding alternative sites for testing my bg because 
I do not want differing glucose concentrations found in various body parts 
to skew my results. I use one meter only unless in a dire situation I need 
to use an old one for back-up in order to be sure I'm not switching between 
plasma and whole-blood measurements, and by using my fingertips I can be 
sure that a change in blood sugar is not down to the place from which the 
sample came. Does that make sense?

Boring, stodgy, and with scarred-fingertips,

P.S. The lancet pen and the lancets have a lot more to do with the comfort 
and convenience of testing than the meter, IMHO. Hands-down (oh, bad pun!) I 
prefer the Becton-Dickinson Ultrafine lancets (teal plastic) and the 
Becton-Dickinson lancet pen (mine's kinda cream-coloured).

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