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RE: [IPk] BG Meters

Hi Melissa

I'm thinking of my fingers before I start pumping!!  I currently use a
Glucometer Esprit and really like it, especially the preloaded strips, but if
I could do some tests in other places, that might help avoid sore fingers.
But when I look at websites, there are warnings about times when its
inappropriate to test on your arm, such as if you suspect a hypo, or within 2
hours of an event such as bolus/food/exercise.  Obviously when you're pumping,
accurate tests are even more important than on MDI, so I'm wondering if a
non-finger method would really be worth it...

Any comments would be welcome, including any other ways of avoiding sore


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From:	Melissa Ford
I use the One Touch Ultra and I really like it :) . What do you want to know

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