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Re: [IPk] injections for correction and Bernstein

>Sounds interesting, I'll let you try it first, though :-)

I know a couple of guys that do it. I was warned that you run a high risk
of septicaemia if you inject a bug with it. Injecting into fat you just get
an abcess. My doctor thought I was a lunatic for asking about it in his

>The other most useful piece of advice (sorry, I AM a Bernstein fan, his book
>gave me more insight into diabetes than other single source before or since)
>was to lower the amount of carbohydrate you take at one go, and so lower the
>amount of insulin you take to cater for it which then means that your margin
>of error in matching insulin to carbohydrate is smaller.

I'm generally in favour of lowish carb, highish fat and protein. But do
remember that dividing the carb content by your carb/insulin ratio does not
give you the ideal meal bolus. It gives you an approximation. A good
starting point. Invariably it ends up with small correction boluses a few
hours later. More useful is knowing what happened last time you ate that
particular meal - and how much insulin you took.

I'm also, incidently, not keen on the Glycemic Index. Seems to be a tool
for Type 2s, not Type 1s on Humalog.


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