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Re: [IPk] Fashion advice (was To pump or not to pump)

Hi Pat
I have several tankinis - BHS do some good ones where you can mix and match a 
whole range of tops and bottoms, and they come in a variety of plain colours. 
I have 1 1/2 sets (don't ask!) - one top and 2 bottoms. If you have more than 
one you can mix the two colours together for variety!
I bought them last summer but I have seen them in BHS this year too.

Also try sports shops - I have a great blue and red tankini made by Speedo 
which I think I got from Debenhams, but you'll find them in most good sports 
shops. Also I have an Adidas tankini top which is very good (again, you can 
buy them all separately).

All mine have good support, narrow straps, don't fall down and are perfect 
for the pump. The BHS ones have bottoms that roll down or pull up, so you can 
pull them up to cover the set if it's anywhere below the navel. And it's easy 
to clip the pump onto the bottoms when you're not in the water. Or you can 
shove the pump in your top..... And you can roll all the tops up (eg if you 
want to lie on your front and sunbathe your back).
I would strongly recommend them!

On Tuesday 20 August 2002 19:13, you wrote:
> Dear All (well, probably just the women ...)
> I am happy to detach from the pump while swimming, and the time has come
> to buy a new swimsuit (amongst the other highlights of Boulder was
> discovering that I've lost so much weight that current swimsuit is no
> longer decent!).
> I would like to be able to detach and reattach without too much
> difficulty.  I always use my stomach.  A bikini is OUT.  My nice pump
> nurse may say that I don't have enough fat on my stomach to use parts of
> it, but to me it is definitely my worst feature!
> I've looked in a couple of places for something suitable, but not found
> anything - can anyone remember seeing a 'pump and big stomach-friendly'
> two piece?  The bottoms can be bikini or trunks, and the top should go
> down to at least the waist.  It should be loose on the bottom (so I can
> put my hand up to detach pump.  It should not depend on bra size or
> willpower to stay up - so wide straps are out - halter-neck would be
> good!
> Best wishes,
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