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Re: [IPk] Fashion advice (was To pump or not to pump)

Hello Pat,

Do you have time for mail order?  There are some "tankinis" on
www.landsend.co.uk that are two piece and come down to the waist. 


(link too long for one line - sorry)

(I don't work for them and don't own any of their swimsuits but I can
recommend their jumpers....)


(holding back envy at reports of weight loss .... although have noticed
since I'm no longer over-using my stomach padding for injections it has
maybe shrunk a little.....) 

>From: Pat Reynolds >Reply-To: email @ redacted >To:
email @ redacted >Subject: [IPk] Fashion advice (was To pump or
not to pump) >Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 19:13:20 +0100 > >Dear All (well,
probably just the women ...) > >I am happy to detach from the pump while
swimming, and the time has come >to buy a new swimsuit (amongst the other
highlights of Boulder was >discovering that I've lost so much weight that
current swimsuit is no >longer decent!). > >I would like to be able to
detach and reattach without too much >difficulty. I always use my
stomach. A bikini is OUT. My nice pump >nurse may say that I don't have
enough fat on my stomach to use parts of >it, but to me it is definitely
my worst feature! > >I've looked in a couple of places for something
suitable, but not found >anything - can anyone remember seeing a 'pump
and big stomach-friendly' >two piece? The bottoms can be bikini or
trunks, and the top should go >down to at least the waist. It should be
loose on the bottom (so I can >put my hand up to detach pump. It should
not depend on bra size or >willpower to stay up - so wide straps are out
- halter-neck would be >good! > >Best wishes, > >Pat >dm 30+, 508 1+,
composing email to supervisor along the lines of 'sorry >I have no
redraft of chapter 3 for you - I went on holiday, was flat on >my back
for three weeks and then spent the first weekend I was able to >type
looking for a new swimming costume to take on holiday for another >week'.
>-- >Pat Reynolds >email @ redacted > "It might look a bit messy
now, but just you come back in 500 years time" > (T. Pratchett)
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