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Re: [IPk] To pump or not to pump

>Dear Elizabeth
>Thank you for all this info.
>I got one of those plastic water proof things for the pump and I have been
>frightened to use it, can you swim with it and dose the pump stay 
>dry with it.
>Can you tell me.
>                      Thanks Donald

Hi Donald -

You can swim with the plastic waterproof cover. It will float along beside 
you, if you like! Or you can tuck it in your waistband/pocket or wrap it 
'round your waist with the strap it comes with.

If you have your remote control, you can bolus or suspend while the pump is 
still in the waterproof case. Otherwise, you have to take it out, which is 

The most important thing is to remember to put some vaseline around the part 
of the lid where the infusion line comes out of the case. This helps keep it 


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