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Re: [IPk] The cost of my diabetes

I was chatting to my wife at lunch today - we do talk sometimes! - and she
was recounting how she had been in her rehearsal studio this morning, and
got a sudden irrepressible urge to eat meat. She's pregnant by the way. So
she abandonned her rehearsal and rushed out to the butchers round the
corner for a fricadella thingee. She also keeps dried apricots in her
handbag. Not as good as glucose tablets she confesses, but a compelling
source of energy when she needs it none the less. Nanette, if you find
boiled sweets do the job, that's great. Or indeed bread or dried fruit. But
you'll need to cost the sweets or fruit. I'll stick with my glucose tablets

Liam - 15 pounds for 50 BG tests sounds nearer the mark. I know the NHS as
a monopoly purchaser is able to demand very low prices.

Here's another list. I've modified my usage of syringes, lancets. And the
price of BG tests:

Actrapid. 20 pounds. 1 bottle per year. 20 pounds per year.
Batteries for pump. 1 pound each. 3 every 6 weeks. 26 pounds per year.
Batteries for BG meter. 2 pounds each. 6 every year. 12 pounds per year.
BG meter. 30 pounds. 0.5 per year. 15 pounds per year.
BG tests. 15 pounds per 50. 2000 per year. 600 pounds per year.
Finger pricker. 10 pounds. 1 per year. 10 pounds per year.
Glucose tablets. 1 pound per packet. 2 packets a week. 104 pounds per year.
Hospital consultation. 100 pounds. 2 per year. 200 pounds per year.
Humalog. 20 pounds per 10ml bottle. 40 units per day. 290 pounds per year.
Infusion sets - Tenders + tubing. 5 pounds each. 1 every 2 days. 912 pounds
per year.
Insulatard. 20 pounds. 1 bottle per year. 20 pounds per year.
Ketostix. 10 pounds. 1 tub per year. 10 pounds per year.
Lancets. 10 pounds per box. 1 box per 10 year. 1 pound per year.
Misc. tests (urine, HbA1c etc). 50 pounds. 50 pounds per year.
Pump. 2000 pounds. 7 year life (est.). 285 pounds per year.
Reservoirs. 2.50 pounds. 1 every 7 days. 130 pounds per year.
Syringes. 10 pounds per box. 1 box per 5 years. 2 pounds per year.

Total: 2687 pounds per year.

This injection business - if I hit trouble, the first thing I will do is
inject a dab of insulin. I find it very reassuring. And painless. I then
know everything is under control, before I quietly check through all the
bits and pieces on my pump. But that's my own personal choice.

Richard - if you want fast absorbtion, I'm told an intravenous injection -
into the vein on your arm say - is about as fast as you can get. I'm not
surprised that Berstein suggests muscle for fast absorbtion... he also
recommends no injection of long acting insulin more than 7 units. So a
bedtime injection of 20 units should be broken into 3: 7, 7 and 6. This
guarantees a more regular absorbtion.


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