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Re: [IPk] High bgs and cannula kinking

Hi Mary
Yes, I agree about the cannula kinking. You might be right about the gym 
class, especially as it was "Fab Abs" (45 mins of various combinations of 
stomach crunching type things!). I've had it happen while in a dance lesson 
too (lots of abdominal contracting if you do it right!). When I'm inserting, 
if I'm totally relaxed it is usually much easier and I rarely have problems 
with the set afterwards. I think that's why sets in the lower part of the 
stomach tend to work better for me - because when you tense up it's the upper 
stomach muscles that tend to contract, not the lower ones.

> The most frequent problem I've had has been cannula kinking - but not for
> months now.  The cannula can kink on insertion, especially if the
> underlying muscles are taut (this can happen if you're anxious about
> inserting/having an insertion, or if not in a relaxed position at the
> time).  It can also happen if you strongly contract the underlying muscles
> (and Di, I wonder if this happened during your gym class?) - while I was
> lifting a heavy table, contracting my abdominals to do so, the cannula
> popped out (quite
> painfully!), and I've had similar experiences while doing abs exercises (so
> now they are getting flabby...:( ).
> Mary
> IDDM 30+, 508 21m
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