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Re: [IPk] Quicksets again!

Di, Heather

The Quicksets have a twisting disconnect and there is a circular plastic
area at the centre above the cannula, I think to protect the cannula when
you twist, and my reaction was localised to that part.  So it was to do
with the cannula, the needle or the plastic rather than the adhesive tape
I think.....  I don't have a problem with Silhouettes.

As for cannula kinks,  I've found I will be far more likely to "kink"
with the automatic insertion devices.  I think it's because my muscles
(such as they are) go tense at the point of impact.  But then I am what
you might call a "reflex clencher" what I mean is,  for instance, you
know that glaucoma test at the opticians where they puff air at your
eyeball? - I always hit the ceiling or fall off the chair.....  If you
put the set in by hand, you can take it slowly and stop if there's any

Maybe it's a bit like people's strategies for getting in the swimming
pool when the water's cold - do you take a big breath and leap in or do
you edge in bit by bit?!




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