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Re: [IPk] Told no funding

I don't understand why you can't get an out of area referral. If there is 
not a consultant available in your area who has experience of pump therapy 
and that is the direction you want to go in then surely a referral to a 
specialist in diabetes and pump therapy is the only way to go?
Our local team are as yet inexperienced in pump therapy so referred us to 
Manchester (we're on the Wirral) to 'The Diabetes Centre' of course they 
were experienced in young children on pumps so they refused to accept us. I 
spoke to Medtronic MiniMed and to John Davis (input) for advice on hospitals 
which were interested in pump treatment and did finally get a referral to 
Harrogate. We've also just been turned down for funding but are about to 
start fighting to overturn that decision.
I don't know that any of this helps.It all feels like an uphill struggle 
doesn't it? You'll get there.

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>Subject: [IPk] Told no funding
>Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 16:04:54 EDT
>I haven't written in a while. I've been waiting for an appt. with a 
>consultant as there has been no consultant available in my home town, 
>in Furness (no doubt familiar to all due to the Legionnaires outbreak)! for
>some time. I was therefore referred to Westmorland Hospital in Kendal or at
>Lancaster, still within our local Primary Health Care trust of Lancaster 
>Morecambe Bay, but quite a distance to travel from here.
>Anyhow, in the meantime I was seen again by the GP clinic and told my 
>was not so good ( HbA1 of 8.5, last time 7.1). I knew my control wasn't 
>anymore, lots of highs and lows and have not been happy with this at all 
>have told my GP as much. There is no pattern to the highs and lows and even
>he was at a bit of a loss as to why this was happening.
>Well, still no appt. arrived for the consultant. Then, today, there was a
>message on my answer phone from one of the GP's at the practice to say ring
>him as he had some news about a pump! I was hopeful and excited as I 
>that maybe he knew of  available funding for this. (There is no way on 
>I could afford to buy a pump myself or buy the sets etc, the only way would
>be to get funding). I had been told in the past that, although this is a
>large GP practice, no one had ever asked about a pump before and they knew 
>no one in the local health trust area either.
>  So, I got back to him. He was busy in the surgery at the time and said he
>would phone back later. I shouldn't have built my hopes up. Basically, he 
>spoken to the consultant in charge of diabetes care in this trust (whom I 
>being referred to) and he has said the health authority does not and will 
>fund any pumps, they are not available on the NHS and must be purchased
>privately by the individual concerned. The only item available on the NHS 
>the insulin. Unfortunately, I did not get to talk to the GP as I was at 
>at the time so my husband took the message and of course didn't ask any
>questions! Now, I have looked at all the info on the site and printed it 
>and intend to go see my GP again ASAP. But what I need to know is how to go
>about applying for funding if the consultant involved is totally 
>in pumping and is basically dead against it?! Apparently, the GP said as 
>about the consultant involved, a Professor Walmsley. I can't get an out of
>area referral. That's just not happening here anymore.
>So, feeling a little (a lot)? down about this set back, I need some advice.
>Thanks so much
>Helen...IDDM 28yrs
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