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[IPk] High bgs and cannula kinking

Hello folk,

Heather, the "inject if your bg's above 14 mmol" rule is useful for 
beginners, but like all rules can be bent when you know your subject!  I 
recall that "if you've got ketones in your urine" is usually part of the 
rule...are you testing for this? (ketosis is a pretty good indication that 
insulin isn't going in / being absorbed).  Along with Di, though, I think 
it's equally important to develop the ability and know-how to tackle possible 
problems when you have an unexpectedly high bg.  

The most frequent problem I've had has been cannula kinking - but not for 
months now.  The cannula can kink on insertion, especially if the underlying 
muscles are taut (this can happen if you're anxious about inserting/having an 
insertion, or if not in a relaxed position at the time).  It can also happen 
if you strongly contract the underlying muscles (and Di, I wonder if this 
happened during your gym class?) - while I was lifting a heavy table, 
contracting my abdominals to do so, the cannula popped out (quite 
painfully!), and I've had similar experiences while doing abs exercises (so 
now they are getting flabby...:( ).

IDDM 30+, 508 21m
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