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[IPk] Re: Spare Supplies (ip-uk-digest V2 #190)

I carry a pen with a humalog cartridge around just in case of pump problem.
On the one occasion I have used it (in three months of pumping), I noticed
that my blood sugar responded extremely rapidly (BS dropped 8 mmol/l in one
hour for 3 unit dose (my correction ratio is 2.5mmol/l per unit)) in
comparison to normal pump response (I would expect approx 2.5 hours for same
BS response on pump for me). I should say that I am in the habit of
following Dr. Bernstein's (author of 'Dr Bernstein's Diabetes Solution')
suggestion for rapid absorption of injected insulin when used for
corrections, which is to inject into your deltoid muscle (upper arm). This
took my by surprise (pleasant) in comparison to the response with Actrapid
which I was using previously pre-pump.
The point of my contribution here is that this MAY form a good reason to
consider an injection rather than the pump to bring down very high blood
sugars rapidly - if you're happy with the possible drawbacks of
intra-muscular shots (more likely to hurt and more likely to hit a blood
vessel and bleed).

IDDM 28yrs, DTron 3months

> Date: Sat, 17 Aug 2002 15:22:30 +0100
> From: "Caroline Batistoni" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IPk] Re: Spare Supplies

> I can't believe that several of you have never had to use a syringe/pen to
> inject in such long lengths of time. In three months of pumping I've had
> least three episodes os high blood sugars where a syringe has seemed like
> the most sensible option (along with replacement of the set obviously)
> this mean I'm doing something desperately wrong? I was interested to resd
> that Di said she would use the insulin out of the reservoir in a syringe
> needs be. I'm not sure I quite understand how you do this Di.
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