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Re: [IPk] Quicksets again!

Hi Heather
Oh, I got it wrong then - I always thought the Quick Set had a needle. I 
think I'm confusing it with the Rapid. In that case I can't think why there 
is a reaction if it uses the same glue as the Silhouette. Some things in life 
are just unexplainable...

I have occasionally got a little kink in the cannula. If it is only a very 
small kink then it is usually fine. Sometimes when I've had poor absorption 
from the set I've taken it out to find quite a large kink. I think it happens 
on insertion - sometimes when you put the needle in you can feel a bit of 
resistance and I think that bends the cannula slightly. Or if you wobble the 
needle too much when putting it in!

On Monday 19 August 2002 14:06, you wrote:
> Hello Di,
> Sorry, I misunderstood. The Quick Set only has a short teflon (?) cannula
> left in the skin not a needle.
> Something you may be able to help with... When I've been removing the
> Silhouette there does appear to be a little kink in the tube which has been
> in the skin. I don't know when it's happened - on introduction or removal.
> Is this something you've experienced?  Phil has been manually inserting the
> sets.
> Heather
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