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Re: [IPk] Re: spare supplies, and cost of diabetes

Yep same here , 

I started on my pump in february. There haven't been any problems where changing my infusion site won't fix it.

The only conceivable way in which i would go back to injections is if my pump was destroyed ... but i'd get another one pretty damn quick.

If the pump fails, it's under warranty and Disetronic will courier me another one quite quickly.

I "accidently" ate a McDonalds yesterday. BG shot to 19  , but I had it under control within an hour. (they really must put some awful c**p in that food to screw my BG's so badly)


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On 18/08/2002 at 13:18 Nanette Chana Freedman wrote:

>Date: Sat, 17 Aug 2002 15:22:30 +0100
>From: "Caroline Batistoni" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IPk] Re: Spare Supplies
>>I can't believe that several of you have never had to use a
>>inject in such long lengths of time. In three months of pumping I've 
>had at
>>least three episodes os high blood sugars where a syringe has seemed 
>>the most sensible option (along with replacement of 
>Sorry to shock you further - and at the risk of tempting fate and
>finding that I need to inject with a syringe or pen tonight - I have
>not used anything but the pump since starting to use it almost 4 years
>This may partly be because I so much do not want to inject! but really
>I have never had a pump failure that was not rectifiable within minutes
>(indeed in all this time only 1 serious scare that seemed for a couple
>of minutes like a pump failure), and episodes of high blood sugar that
>occurred were all so obviously either associated, rarely, with bad
>sites which I replaced, or much more frequently, with illness or
>miscalculations of insulin amounts (i.e. being unrealistic about what I
>really ate!) or forgetting to bolus - i.e. nothing that was not much
>much more easily put right using the pump - so no indication that it
>would be better to resort to injections. 
>In times of stress or difficulty or irregular activity, I would 100
>times rather have the pump there to deal with them than injections.
>Have I been extraordinarily lucky? or do I have extraordinary
>confidence in my so-far trusty pump? or are many others out there in a
>similar position?
>Subject: [IPk] The cost of my diabetes
>Out of curiousity, I have done a rework of John's list for my case -
>the relative amounts work out slightly differently
>                                                            Cost per 
>Humalog             #20 per 10ml bottle 25 units per day    250
>Insulatard          #20                 none   
>Actrapid            #20                 1 bottle per year   20
>Glucose tablets     #1                  none*     
>BG meter            #30                 0.5 per year        15
>BG tests            #10 per 50          2000 per year       400
>Ketostix            #10                 1 tub per year      10
>Finger pricker      #10                 1 per year          10
>Lancets             #10 per box         1 box per 5 year     2
>Pump                #2000               7 years (est.)      285
>Infusion sets
>- - Tenders + tubing  #5 each             2 every 1 week    520
>Reservoirs          #2.50               1 every 1 month      30
>Syringes            #10 per box         1 box per 5 year      2
>Pump batteries      #1 each             1 every 6 weeks       8
>I think Disetronic batteries are more expensive though - but don't have
>numbers - anyone??
>Hospital consultation
>                    #100                2 per year          200
>Misc. tests (urine, HbA1c etc)
>                    #50                                     50
>                                                            ====
>                                                            1552
>Not quantified:
>Internet access
>Loss of quality of life
>Adopting a special diet
>I would add hospital consultations for eye checks and other such things
>- not only the cost in money, but also the time spent on all the
>assorted doctor's visits.
>I also find that whereas pre-diabetes I would not necessarily have gone
>to the doctor for every minor flu, sore throat etc, now I am likely to
>go quickly, in case there are signs of bacterial infection etc.
>Omitted since I don't use them:
>Skin barrier
>Cleaning compounds
>Emergency hospital visits (hypo, DKA etc)
>Treatment of complications
>Disabled Living Allowance (that's a profit not a cost I suppose)
>The amounts work out a little less for me partly simply because I use
>less insulin (on average 25 units a day rather than John's 40), and
>seem to be able to get away with changing sets only twice a week about
>98% of the time.  Because I use less insulin I also need to change
>cartidges less frequently, and I have been reusing them once or twice
>without problems.
>I have only ever (in almost 5 years diabetes) bought one box of
>lancets, and more than half the contents still remain - I reuse them
>over and over again - for no logical reason I find the used ones hurt
>less than new ones, so rarely bother to change. 
>Incidentally I was quite suprised on return from holiday, when reading
>over the discussions in emails 2 weeks ago from people complaining
>about the need to test frequently - I still hate injecting (see
>above!!) and hate sticking myself with needles when changing sets, but
>sticking my fingers for testing, which also bothered me a great deal
>initially, is now something about which I do not think twice - I don't
>associate it with pain any more - strange.
>*I don't buy glucose tablets.  
>I am trying to work on the principle that if I have to eat something
>rapidly for hypos, I would like it not only to be suitable for rapid
>absorption of glucose, but also nutritious.  Have currently found some
>boiled sweets that are high in glucose, but also contain fruit juice
>and vitamin C. Otherwise depending on where I am and what is at hand, I
>either eat a small piece of bread or preferably a dried fruit - I have
>tried to eat a small discrete piece of food, rather than risk starting
>to empty the fridge!! This seems to be working for me at present though
>some time I might go back to glucose tablets.
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