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Re: [IPk] The cost of my diabetes

>Very interesting John. However, your cost of test strips may not be correct.
>Where did you get this figure? I thought that most types of strips cost in
>the neighbourhood of 24 pounds/box of 50. This would bring the cost of these
>nearer to that of the infusion sets. Let me know if you have an accurate
>costing of Bg strips.

I don't have any accurate figures, Ken. 10 pounds per 50 is probably what I
paid for them at university in 1984! I'll happily use your 24 pounds
figure. Here it is again (alphabetically):

Actrapid. 20 pounds. 1 bottle per year. 20 pounds per year.
Batteries for pump. 1 pound each. 3 every 6 weeks. 26 pounds per year.
Batteries for BG meter. 2 pounds each. 6 every year. 12 pounds per year.
BG meter. 30 pounds. 0.5 per year. 15 pounds per year.
BG tests. 24 pounds per 50. 2000 per year. 960 pounds per year.
Finger pricker. 10 pounds. 1 per year. 10 pounds per year.
Glucose tablets. 1 pound per packet. 2 packets a week. 104 pounds per year.
Hospital consultation. 100 pounds. 2 per year. 200 pounds per year.
Humalog. 20 pounds per 10ml bottle. 40 units per day. 290 pounds per year.
Infusion sets - Tenders + tubing. 5 pounds each. 1 every 2 days. 912 pounds
per year.
Insulatard. 20 pounds. 1 bottle per year. 20 pounds per year.
Ketostix. 10 pounds. 1 tub per year. 10 pounds per year.
Lancets. 10 pounds per box. 1 box per year. 10 pounds per year.
Misc. tests (urine, HbA1c etc). 50 pounds. 50 pounds per year.
Pump. 2000 pounds. 7 year life (est.). 285 pounds per year.
Reservoirs. 2.50 pounds. 1 every 7 days. 130 pounds per year.
Syringes. 10 pounds per box. 1 box per year. 10 pounds per year.

Total: 3064 pounds per year.

Self-funders: You pay 1479 pounds. Somebody else pays 1585 pounds.
With pump funding: You pay for batteries and glucose tablets 142 pounds.
Somebody else pays 2922 pounds.

Not quantified:
Adopting a special diet.
Internet access.
Loss of quality of life.
Travel expenses to the clinic.

Omitted since I don't use them:
Cleaning compounds.
Disabled Living Allowance (that's a profit not a cost I suppose).
Emergency hospital visits (hypo, DKA etc).
Skin barrier cream.

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