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[IPk] Re: Spare Supplies

I can't believe that several of you have never had to use a syringe/pen to
inject in such long lengths of time. In three months of pumping I've had at
least three episodes os high blood sugars where a syringe has seemed like
the most sensible option (along with replacement of the set obviously) Does
this mean I'm doing something desperately wrong? I was interested to resd
that Di said she would use the insulin out of the reservoir in a syringe if
needs be. I'm not sure I quite understand how you do this Di.

I tend to carry a pen around during the day when I usually have a fairly big
bag anyway. I have a case that I carry all my pump equipment in and it fits
nicely. (Interesting aside, am I the only person who carries ketostix
around?) If I'm going out with an impossibly tiny handbag I take a cartridge
and small syringe as John does. I always carry a spare infusion set, as I
hate the thought of having to switch to injections if I don't have to, and
carrying a spare makes me feel that I have more capacity to be spontaneous
(e.g staying overnight somewhere)

 I avoid insulin wasteage by using cartridges to fill the pump reservoir,
which seems to work fine. Apparently (according to DSN) the only thing you
shouldn't do is use a cartridge which you have withdrawn insulin from with a
syringe in a pen. This is because pressure changes can occur within the
cartridge which can alter the dose delivered by the pen. This doesn't matter
when you withdraw with a syringe because pressure equalises once the insulin
is in the syringe, so you get an accurate dose.

Unfortunately though, insulin wasteage seems to be part of pump therapy. I
change my reservoir every six days (i.e every other set change) and there is
usually about half  a ml of insulin remaining in the reservoir. This is 50
units i.e. quite a lot of insulin. However I can't see any way of avoiding
wasting it. I wouldn't particularly want to attach the needle from the new
reservoir and inject it back into the bottle of humalog as someone once
suggested. Nor would I want to put less insulin in the reservoir, as I do
sometimes use extra. So out of every bottle of humalog I end up wasting
nearly a fifth.

IDDM 18+yrs MM507 3 months (Still haven't got the hang of writing short
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