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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #189 - Quicksets again !


Since using infusion sets, and particularly the Quicksets, I've found that
using Smith & Nephews' IV Prep (supplied by Minimed / Medtronic - about #12
/ box of 50) to swab the skin before insertion seems to leave the skin
slightly 'tacky' and provides a sound base for the Quickset's adhesive to
bond to. Certainly. I've never had a Quickset come unstuck ! (through
swimming, showers, squash etc).

Might be worth a try if you haven't already ?

John Twigg

> Subject: [IPk] Quicksets again!
> Hello, I changed my quickset this morning, after having a shower (no bath
> oils today :)  ).   When I got to work I went to pull the old set off
> and..... horror!  the new one had come unstuck and out all by itself.  It
> was, previously, perfectly stuck down on an anti-perspirant-ed area about
> 2 inches above my waistband and nowhere near anything it could've got
> caught on.  That's the third time this has happened out of about 15
> sets.  Twenty quid down the drain!!  Maybe my skin doesn't work with the
> adhesive?? When I used softsets they used to come out too, but the
> Silhouette/Tenders didn't.  I think I'll go back to using Silhouettes.
> Anyway sorry to plague the list with this but it's annoying.   Have a nic
> Friday allKatharine
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