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[IPk] The cost of my diabetes

Ken and I had a brief discussion about the cost of insulin, and the
morality of getting insulin in the expectation of throwing it away when it

Out of curiousity, I've thrown together some figures reflecting the cost of
my diabetes. Some of these figures are pure guesswork, but generally in the
right area I hope. In Britain, most (but not all of this) is borne by the

Seems to work out at about #2500 per year. Interesting that the pump is
*not* the most expensive single items if you give it a 7 year life (which
is a figure Ray Morrissey at AMT used to use). The infusions sets are way
out at the top at #912. BG tests come 2nd at #400. 3rd is insulin at #330.
4th is the pump at #285. Then hospital consultations at #200. Then
reservoirs at #130. Then glucose tablets at #104. The rest is then under
the #100 per year mark.

I guess we all have our own consumption figures. But if anyone would like
to pull this list to pieces, please do so :-)

                                                            Cost per year
Humalog             #20 per 10ml bottle 40 units per day    290
Insulatard          #20                 1 bottle per year   20
Actrapid            #20                 1 bottle per year   20
Glucose tablets     #1                  2 packets a week    104
BG meter            #30                 0.5 per year        15
BG tests            #10 per 50          2000 per year       400
Ketostix            #10                 1 tub per year      10
Finger pricker      #10                 1 per year          10
Lancets             #10 per box         1 box per year      10
Pump                #2000               7 years (est.)      285
Infusion sets
- Tenders + tubing  #5 each             1 every 2 days      912
Reservoirs          #2.50               1 every 7 days      130
Syringes            #10 per box         1 box per year      10
Pump batteries      #1 each             3 every 6 weeks     26
Hospital consultation
                    #100                2 per year          200
Misc. tests (urine, HbA1c etc)
                    #50                                     50

Not quantified:
Internet access
Loss of quality of life
Adopting a special diet

Omitted since I don't use them:

Skin barrier
Cleaning compounds
Emergency hospital visits (hypo, DKA etc)

Treatment of complications
Disabled Living Allowance (that's a profit not a cost I suppose)

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