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RE: [IPk] Weetabix

Hi Jenny

Well done!  I hope it makes a difference for you.

I don't actually *avoid* baked potatoes, but I don't think of them as the
healthy option so much anymore.  If you have baked beans with it, so that you
have an equal, or greater, amount of carb from the beans as you do from the
potato, it will bring the GI down to an intermediate level.

The good news is that ALL pasta is low GI, even white pasta - though of course
it has less fibre.  I have pasta far more often now than I used to, and only
have potato once or twice a week.

Happy eating!


Jenny wrote:
Thanks for the reference: I bought a copy of "The
Glucose Revolution" today. Would you believe that one
of the case studies in it involves a diabetic man who
changes from Weetabix to oats for breakfast?! I wish
I'd been a bit quicker to realise what was going on.

I'm pleased that wholewheat spaghetti has a low GI as
that is one of my staples, but what about baked
potatoes? Do the rest of you avoid them because of
their high GI?

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