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[IPk] Re: Spare supplies, and breakfast cereals

In a message dated 8/15/2002 9:52:50 PM GMT Daylight Time, email @ redacted 
Hello Lesley,

> Do you keep spare syringes/pens in case of pump failure?  If you need to use 
> them, would you use insulin from the vials that you use to fill the pump, 
> in which case you'd have to use a syringe?  Or do you keep a spare pen, and 
> does that mean you have to get cartridges on prescription, which will 
> probably go out of date and have to be thrown away without being used?
> I appreciate this is probably not a problem for those on the D-Tron.  How 
> does everyone else manage?  Am I worrying about something unnecessarily?

I have an "ongoing" regularly refilled pen which travels with me, and a spare 
for holidays (so I can have Humalog and Humulin I in different pens in the 
event of a pump problem).  Yes, I do waste some insulin (but see below), but 
at room temperature each vial lasts up to four weeks and away from home, I'd 
rather have it with me than seek far more expensive (to the NHS) treatment.  
I often use pen vial insulin to refill the pump, but I do have ready access 
to needles/syringes...however, any Minimed user could empty the vial with 
their usual reservoir equipment, which comes with a syringe and needle. I 
normally do this from a 10 ml bottle, but the supply source doesn't make any 

It is of course possible to carry a 3 ml vial in a pen and then transfer any 
unused insulin to the pump, provided the insulin is used within four weeks of 
initial fridge removal (and not exposed to high temperatures, i.e. over 25 
deg C). I tend to do this and it does minimise wastage.

Ah, breakfast cereals...recently converted to Special K (list interest 
coincidental!), but it does odd things to my bgs - it may not have much 
fibre, but I seem to get a peak several hours after eating it.  I do prefer 
the old cereal and think I'll go back to it...but I could be converted to 
honey nut cornflakes (more evidence please, folk - soon!).

IDDM 30+, 508 21m
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