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[IPk] working as a doctor

As promised my report of my first week and a half as a junior doctor:

After a very nervous start, I settled in well to the ward work.
I set my basal delivery to what I have used previously for active days, 
found I was going low a couple of times and dropped my basal rate to 90% 
of that. This seems to have worked well keeping my BG between 4 and 10, 
apart from 2 times: one on a really frantic ward round I went hypo and 
the second after I forgot to drop my rate to 90% first thing in the morning.

Staff have been very supportive and not minded me saying "I need time 
out I'm going hypo". Next week I'm on call so I plan to drop my base 
rate to 80% and hopefully avoid all hypos.

I'm really glad I'm on a pump as on injections I'm sure I would have 
gone hypo left right and centre or run high all day.

However have found hospital food rather high fat and stodgy, and mainly 
had jacket potatoes (I'm pretty good a calculating carbo for those: my 
dietician said that potato the size of an egg is about 10g).

D-Tron 5 months, IDDM 17 yrs.
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