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[IPk] Spares supplies


I carry 2 syringes with my blood testing kit, so I have them to hand 
should something go wrong. I carry new line, cannula and adaptor (bit 
that joins the line to the cartridge) in my testing kit as well, so I 
should be able to deal with most problems as they occur.

When going to stay anywhere for a night or more I take a "spares kit" 
which includes spare everything (BM strips, lancet, insulin, battery 
etc) and contains my 2 old pens plus some long acting and Humalog in a 
cooler bag (Frio).

My theory is that if I'm out for the day and something goes badly wrong 
with the pump I can inject Humalog to tide me over, until I get to my 
"Spares Kit". This did happen with my first D-tron pump as it had some 
sort of problem with the plunger/ motor sticking and setting off errors 
all the time; I found this very stressful but survived without going 
into ketoacidosis or anything.

Hope that helps!
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