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Re: [IPk] Spare supplies

Lesley - I nearly always leave the house with a 30-unit syringe and a 1.5ml
pen cartridge of Actrapid hidden in the bottom of my wallet. Takes up no
space compared with bulbous injection pens. Actrapid is more practical than
Humalog if your pump fails and you have to go to manual. One injection
every 3 hours should cover you. And although pen cartridges aren't designed
for filling syringes, in practice I find it works fine. And yes - I chuck
the Actrapid away when it expires. What else am I meant to do with it? I
know chucking lovely bottles of insulin in the bin seems criminal, but
that's life. The true cost is piffling compared with the purchase of BG
strips, infusion sets, or a trip to the doctor!


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