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Re: [IPk] Re: Pumps at school

Hi Andrew

We have always had our DSN to come before.  Last year Sasha was new to this
school and DSN spoke to all the staff.  There was still only two people at the
school who really knew what to do in an emergency and if the head teacher and
Sasha's class teacher were both away the school wanted me to be in all day or
go in to school because they were worried and no one else seemed to know what
should happen.  This year we have a  New head teacher (old one retired) as
well and Sasha will also have a different teacher for maths and PE.  I am very
anxious that the incidents that happened this last year are not repeated
again.  Especially with supply teachers or sudden changes in timetable when
Sasha does not what the time is and when the usual snack time has passed. Or
where the deputy head didnt turn up for choir and the kids were just left in
the hall for nearly an hour.  They weren't allowed to call their parents as
they were told it wasn't worth it as they would be coming to collect the kids
soon.  Fortunately I turned up early to test Sasha and found that she was
really low.

I get very nervous about speaking to people and worry that I have told them
all they need to know.  The trouble is they  don't seem to want to phone me if
they are worried, it's as if it's a failure on their part.  Even though I
always thank them for phoning and say that it was the right thing to do.  We
always go in even if I dont think there is a problem just so that they dont
get the wrong idea.  They are supposed to phone me if Sasha's BG is over 16
mmols.  They haven't the last 3 times!!!  She was just told to get herself a
I have a school's video from the Diabetes Federation of Ireland and copies of
guides from DUK and an A 4 sheets about the coeliac condition as well.  I was
also a bit annoyed that we were not give a choice of dates  to go and see the
staff, we were told that it could only be on Sept 3rd at  3.30, I asked if
there was a different time and was told no!   We couldn't see the staff before
we broke up as they said they were busy and also the new Head teacher would
not be there.


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> Hi Jackie,
> The year about to start is the first new year (and new school) since Sam got
his pump.  Julie & I managed to arrange a meeting before the end of last term
with the headteacher, Sam's teacher & the school welfare (medical) staff.
This was very helpful to all concerned & we will be producing some guide
sheets to distribute at the start of next term.
> We wouldn't want to involve our DSN unless there were problems, which
happily isn't the case.
> Andrew
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> > Subject: Re: [IPk] Re: Pumps at school
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> > Hi Andrew
> >
> > Thanks for that information Andrew.
> >
> > Does your D nurse  go in to see Sams new teachers at the beginning of each
> > school years or do you just go in your self and speak to the staff?
> >
> > Also any other parents on this list, can you tell me what you do when your
> > child starts with a new teacher.
> >
> > Jackie
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