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RE: [IPk] Choice of breakfast cereals

Hi Jenny

I'm speaking from a not-yet-pumping standpoint, and I know that everything's
different when you're pumping, but...

I have read the GI factor book, and Weetabix, whilst being wholegrain and
generally "good for you" has quite a high GI factor.  This means it's carbs
get into your blood quite quickly.  This might be the cause of your problem.
Lower GI breakfast cereals include All Bran (yuk!), muesli, porridge, Special
K and Sultana Bran.  "The Glucose Revolution" by Leeds, Miller, Foster-Powell
and Colagiuri costs #6.99 in bookshops.  Alternatively, the "official" website
is on www.glycemicindex.com.

By the way, I am not a sales person, I've had good results from adapting to GI


Lesley J

Jenny wrote:

With Weetabix, I got a large peak, with bloods being
at 15ish for a couple of hours afterwards. I just
assumed that nothing could be done about that (after
all, Weetabix seems to be heavily endorsed in diabetic
clinics!). Now with the current mixture my bloods are
in single figures throughout the morning - why? It's
not as if I have changed to a wheat-free breakfast.

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