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Re: [IPk] Insurance

Hi Elizabeth
Yes, you're right, I'd forgotten about that!
I don't think it would be covered by insurance in that case, but I know what 
you mean. 
I was going to make some facetious comment about fire-eating when someone 
mentioned about their pump being covered in case of fire, but it then 
occurred to me that if you were in a burning building and your pump got 
damaged (while still attached to you), or you were in a car accident or 
something and it got damaged, it might be useful to have it insured.

Anyway, in my case the pump belongs to the hospital and not to me, since they 
paid for it, so it's only on (permanent) loan. So I'm not too worried about 
insurance personally.

On Wednesday 14 August 2002 13:57, you wrote:
> Di mentioned that she doesn't bother putting her pump on the insurance
> because it's attached. I apologise in advance if you don't want to be
> reminded of this Di, but remember when you accidentally left your pump in a
> dressing room after detaching to try something on? What if it hadn't been
> there when you returned to the dressing room?
> I don't know if the household policy would cover it in this situation (I'm
> sure they'd try to say it was your negligence and they shouldn't be
> liable), but it's probably worth adding it just in case.
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