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RE: [IPk] Insurance

Di mentioned that she doesn't bother putting her pump on the insurance 
because it's attached. I apologise in advance if you don't want to be 
reminded of this Di, but remember when you accidentally left your pump in a 
dressing room after detaching to try something on? What if it hadn't been 
there when you returned to the dressing room?

I don't know if the household policy would cover it in this situation (I'm 
sure they'd try to say it was your negligence and they shouldn't be liable), 
but it's probably worth adding it just in case.

Here's another scenario: say you're a child, you have your pump on, and you 
fall/someone pushes you into a pool/river/body of water. If you have a pump 
that isn't waterproof, it might not survive. It's not farfetched: I once did 
this to a boy who had had tubes put into his ears, and he wasn't supposed to 
get his head wet. I didn't know that - I pushed him because he was on the 
diving board and no one liked him. Ah, youth.


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