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Re: [IPk] Insurance

>Also, can anyone help out a beginner in choosing the best infusion set
>from the minimed range for my son ( 10 this year ).
>What has been everyones experiences ?

Don't forget all infusion sets fit all pumps. There's no particular reason
why you must buy MiniMed infusion sets for MiniMed pumps. I use
Disetronic's Tenders on my MiniMed 507. It's essentially the same as the
MiniMed Silhouette, but a lot easier to spell! I would also suggest you get
a selection of all the infusion sets for your son to try. It must
ultimately be his personal choice. There's a load of them listed at

>Also, can anyone give me an idea of the battery life on the 508 pump. ???

I get 6-8 weeks on my 507. I believe the 508 consumes more power if you
leave the remote control feature switched on, even if you don't use it.


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