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RE: [IPk] Insurance

Hi Stu,

Well done with the insurance.

I can only speak for Silhouettes, which were all that was suitable for
Sam (now 8), because he's very wiry.  I like them because you can see
the tube through a little window & they stick fast no matter what he
gets up to.  We insert them by hand - there is an insertion tool
available, but I really don't fancy using it. 

We tried a couple of Quick Set samples some months ago & had no problems
with them, but they are more expensive & you can't see whether they are
properly inserted or not.  

Battery life is long enough not to be a major problem.  I think we get 6
-8 weeks from a set.  That's a guess because I can't remember when we
last changed them (must be due soon!).  They last longer if you don't
use audio boluses & the remote control (on the 508).

Good luck & keep us posted.


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Thanks to everyone that has responded.
I am in the process of doing it through my home insurance. Looking 

Also, can anyone help out a beginner in choosing the best infusion set 
from the minimed range for my son ( 10 this year ).
What has been everyones experiences ?

Also, can anyone give me an idea of the battery life on the 508 pump.
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