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Re: [IPk] To pump or not to pump

Hi Louis
I went on holiday to Northern Cyprus last year, where it was around 35 
degrees and 95% humidity. I spent a lot of time in the swimming pool (at 
least 3-4 times a day) and sunbathing, and just kept the pump on at all times 
except when actually in the pool. On the first day my infusion set 
(Silhouette/Tender) came loose, but after that I never had any problems with 
the heat and constant immersion in water and the sets stuck even without 
extra tape. I just clipped the pump onto my bikini bottoms or put it under my 
towel next to me and tried to keep it out of direct sun as much as possible, 
and I had no problems with the insulin going off or anything like that. I 
only went to the beach a few times and did the same thing, though I didn't 
really like the idea of exposing it to so much sand. I didn't particularly 
want to take a pump break during the day but it might work for you. I know 
other people have done this successfully. I think it would be easier to go 
back to Actrapid rather than Novorapid during the day, because the Novorapid 
doesn't last as long so there might be gaps in its coverage unless you take a 
few extra shots between meals. Let us know how you get on anyway, whatever 
you decide!

>can the Tender infusion sets 
>take the heat?? (and the constant exposure to water). 
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