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[IPk] To pump or not to pump

I am going away to France for a summer holiday next week - the first trip 
abroad to a warmer climate since starting on the pump 5 months ago.

I would prefer not to wear the pump as I will be on the beach and in the 
water for much of the time.  I am told by the Disetronic team that I CAN 
take a pump break and resume MDI, returning to the evil Insulatard! (with 
shots of Humalog to cover meals).  I think it could work if I wore the pump 
at night, taking it off after breakfast until the evening, surviving on 
shots of Humalog/Novorapid/Actrapid during the day.  Is Humalog sufficient 
without long acting insulin during the day??  can the Tender infusion sets 
take the heat?? (and the constant exposure to water).  Will some French girl 
really want to get attached after a night out? (-;

Some advice from other pumpers weho have taken holidays, and holidays from 
their pumps, would be very welcome.  What works best for you??

(Previously on total daily dose of 55 units - 36u Insulatard split and taken 
at midnight and midday, three doses of Novorapid for each meal)

Thanks in advance,



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