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Re: [IPk] Problems with the Quick Set

Hello Andrew,

Thanks for your encouragement. It seems quite strange to hear from you - 
I've read so many things you've written about your experiences with Sam and 
the pump. My son is also called Sam.

We have had to manually insert (the 4th Quick Set in 2 days) and we're still 
monitoring.  The 3rd set we'd used had blood in the cannula which was not 
obvious from just looking at the set and was evidently blocking the insulin 
delivery. Our cofidence with the Quick Set is very shaken now. The 
Silhouette has been suggested, I confess to being put off by the size of the 
introducer needle. It is obviously fine though because I know that a number 
of children use them. It would also be beneficial to have the window to 
check the tubing. I shall arrange to have somebody demonstrate the 
Silhouette as soon as poss.
Of course just to complicate matters we're supposed to be going on holiday 
today. We're delaying now because we're far too anxious! We're only going to 
London for the week - for a bit of culture hopefully! It'd be great if 
diabetes wasn't our focus for a while.

>From: Andrew Dysch (remote) <email @ redacted>
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: Re: [IPk] Problems with the Quick Set
>Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2002 9:08:20 +0000
>Hi Heather,
>Don't panic, because you will find a solution, even if it takes a bit of 
>time.  It sounds like you've been doing all the right things to be so 
>Sam uses Silhouettes, which we insert by hand.  We did try the Quick Sets, 
>but preferred to stick with what we had.  These have a small window, 
>through which you can see the tubing.  In a year we have only had a couple 
>of incidents similar to yours.  Perhaps you should consider changing?  
>However, I'm sure you were recommended what was thought to be the best for 
>you at the start.  Could it be something to do with technique, or just 
>because he's so small?
>Good luck.
>Father of Sam, age 8, dx Aug 96
>508 12 mths & 4 days
> >
> > From: "Heather Bowler" <email @ redacted>
> > Date: Sun 11/Aug/2002 08:30 GMT
> > To: email @ redacted
> > CC: email @ redacted,  email @ redacted
> > Subject: [IPk] Problems with the Quick Set
> >
> > First, I must say that we are very new to pumping. My son has been using 
> > 508 for 2.5wks. Anyway, yesterday we changed his infusion set - we're 
> > the 6mm Quick Set with the automatic inserter. All appeared well but we 
> > monitoring rising blood glucose. Did all the tests - self test on the 
> > disconnecting at site, checking for leakages, air bubbles, finally gave 
> > corrective injection. On removing the infusion set we discovered that 
> > cannula had bent upwards, had not penetrated the skin and was sitting on 
> > of the skin. We tried another set and again after rising blood sugars
> > suspected the same problem. We did manage to peel enough of the tape 
>back to
> > see that again it was bent on the surface of his skin. 3rd time lucky? 
> > inspected the automatic inserter (yes we are/were depressing both 
> > buttons at the same time) and satisfied that it looked as though it was
> > working tried again.  Blood sugars again rising and getting late in the 
> > we peeled back a little tape and it certainly looks as though it's in 
> > skin. We disconnected, injected and monitored through the night. This
> > morning we have reconnected and bolused for breakfast and if the reading 
> > not 'normal' in 2 hrs we shall again remove the infusion set.  All 
> > costly, as we've just been denied funding!  Of course, added to the 
> > we were already running low on sets (we are very new to this!)
> > Has anybody any experience of this problem? Our DSN, Sandra at Harrogate 
> > suggested that we manually insert this morning if we need to change sets
> > again. It's quite a lot for a just 5yr old to put up with.
> > Hope somebody can help.
> > Heather
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