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[IPk] Problems with the Quick Set

First, I must say that we are very new to pumping. My son has been using his 
508 for 2.5wks. Anyway, yesterday we changed his infusion set - we're using 
the 6mm Quick Set with the automatic inserter. All appeared well but we were 
monitoring rising blood glucose. Did all the tests - self test on the pump, 
disconnecting at site, checking for leakages, air bubbles, finally gave a 
corrective injection. On removing the infusion set we discovered that the 
cannula had bent upwards, had not penetrated the skin and was sitting on top 
of the skin. We tried another set and again after rising blood sugars 
suspected the same problem. We did manage to peel enough of the tape back to 
see that again it was bent on the surface of his skin. 3rd time lucky? We 
inspected the automatic inserter (yes we are/were depressing both release 
buttons at the same time) and satisfied that it looked as though it was 
working tried again.  Blood sugars again rising and getting late in the day, 
we peeled back a little tape and it certainly looks as though it's in the 
skin. We disconnected, injected and monitored through the night. This 
morning we have reconnected and bolused for breakfast and if the reading is 
not 'normal' in 2 hrs we shall again remove the infusion set.  All rather 
costly, as we've just been denied funding!  Of course, added to the problem 
we were already running low on sets (we are very new to this!)
Has anybody any experience of this problem? Our DSN, Sandra at Harrogate has 
suggested that we manually insert this morning if we need to change sets 
again. It's quite a lot for a just 5yr old to put up with.
Hope somebody can help.

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