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Re: [IPk] Problem with pump


Exactly the same thing happened with my 508 on Wed. of this week. It seems to 
be an electrical problem, perhaps a short circuit. Fortunately, my problem 
occurred during the week so that I received a replacement pump the following 

If you still have your pump and haven't sent it back yet, here are a few 
suggestions which worked for me. Does the problem occur when you press any of 
the buttons? And is the time shown on the screen when you are not doing 
anything with it? If so, as was the case with mine, it still has power and 
will still be delivering your basal rate in which case you can continue to 
wear it and give only your meal boluses by injection. This would mean that 
you would not have to worry about giving yourself any long acting basal 

The other thing that I found was that if I kept trying to program a bolus, it 
would eventually work, sometimes after about 5 tries. Though even this did 
not always work which meant using a syringe.

Good luck,
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