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[IPk] Problem with pump

Today is Saturday and I got up started to get ready for a little friends
second Birthday party.

So I had my breakfast 2 slices of toast with 3 units of insulin.

So I pressed the sel button then the act button to get to the screen to put
the amount of insulin in and suddenly the Test Screen came up and then a
message saying VEG 61b well it looked like a B, I looked in the booklet to
see if i could see what this meant and it was not in the book.
I tried a few times and the same thing happened.

So being Saturday I phoned the 24 hour help line up, they asked me if I was
using there batteries and I said yes, I told them the message that came up
and they said it was a problem with the pump.

They said that they will get in touch with my suppliers Medtronic now, and
they will phone me on Monday I will have to send the pump in to be fixed and
that I will have a temporary pump sent to me for the time been, they said
that it will take 15 weeks.

They asked me if I had the items to deal with giving the insulin the old way
and I told them yes.

So now I will have to keep an eye on myself a lot over the weekend and wait
till I speak to Medtronic on Monday.

I question myself, How much slow acting insulin do I give, hope I don't give
myself too much meal insulin, we will find out today.

Good Luck everyone.


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