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Re: [IPk] retinopathy

Hi Catherine
Don't be too scared about the laser treatment - it's really nothing to worry 
about. I've had as much laser treatment as is physically possible (probably 
around 30 sesssions altogether) and have experienced it all!

They will put the dilating drops in your eyes - you'll have had those before 
so know what to expect on that front.
Then they put some anaesthetic drops in your eye - which also sting a little. 
The they put a sort of contact lens in your eye - which just feels cold and 
wet but feels nothing like a contact lens! It doesn't hurt, just feels a bit 
weird and means you can't close your eye.
Then you sit at the machine and they start zapping. You'll see a series of 
very bright flashes which can be a little bit uncomfortable but they don't 
hurt (or at least, very rarely). They'll tell you to look in different 
directions. I find it much easier to close the other eye - in fact I find it 
closes automatically because of the bright light. The zapping will probably 
take about 5 minutes.
Afterwards everything might look pink or black for a few seconds or minutes, 
but you'll recover very quickly. You won't be able to see properly because 
your pupils will still be dilated. If you're at all nervous then take someone 
with you. They can come into the room with you while they're zapping (they 
give them a speccial pair of goggles to wear!).
Afterwards your eye might feel a bit uncomfortable - someone described it a 
bit like sinusitis - but if necessary take a couple of painkillers and you 
should be fine in a few hours. Occasionally you might experience some 
deterioration in vision for the following few days or some odd things like 
wavy lines in your vision. Don't worry if that happens (though it doesn't 
usually) - it's quite normal. You'll probably want to take the rest of the 
day off work - though I've had lasering in the early afternoon and then gone 
and played in a softball match the same evening!!!

If you have heard about laser treatment being very painful, that only really 
happens when you've had a LOT of laser sessions (at least a dozen). likewise 
the side effects such as losing peripheral vision don't tend to happen until 
you've had a lot of sessions (and generally, one or two sessions are enough 
for most people). If at any time you're worried or something starts to hurt, 
just tell them. They can slow down or speed up the laser (some prefer it 
slow, some fast!) or reduce the intensity if it gets too much.

Hope that helps. Feel free to email me if you have any more questions. 

On Friday 09 August 2002 14:31, you wrote:
> Hello all!
> Ive been on the pump 10months now and my long term readings have improved
> from 12.4 down to 8.5 but have recently been booked in to have laser
> treatment,I did hear about the tightening of readings being a cause of this
> can anyone shed any light.
> I am also quite scared about the laser treatment can anyone tell me about
> it and what it will entail?
> Cat
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