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Re: [IPk] Hello Christine

Hi Lesley

> I too find that I need good light that's not too bright.

Yes, me too.

> Something that doesn't come across at the eye clinic is that, although I
> can read a fair way down the eye chart, kind of because I know I'm looking
> at letters, I can look into the distance, say when my hubby is driving, and
> not be able to figure out what I'm seeing at all.  Do you know what I'm
> trying to say?!
> Lesley

I know exactly what you mean. I can often see things if I know what they are, 
or if I know what I'm expecting to see. But if it's something unexpected, 
often I either can't interpret it, or I misinterpret it as something else, 
even something completely ridiculous like I think I can see a giraffe walking 
down the street or something!
I can't read any of the letters on the chart, in fact I can't read them until 
they get to 1m away. 
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