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RE: [IPk] retinopathy

Hi Abigail

Commiserations.  Sometimes it seems that, no matter how hard you try,
complications are gonna get you...

Laser treatment isn't so bad.  If you need just a quick zap to halt the
progress of retinopathy, then a couple of sessions should do the trick with no
lasting side effects.  As far as I understand it, there are two approaches:
zap any new arteries which are growing into the aqueous humour, and/or burn
off some retina related to peripheral vision so the eye doesn't require so
much oxygen.  I guess the amount of deteriation will dictate what approach
they take.

It was an uncomfortable experience rather than painful.  They put anaesthetic
drops in you eye first, then they hold a thick lens on the eye and shoot
through that.  There's no way you can close you eyelid against that, so in a
way, its much easier than slit microscopy.  I found that everything looked a
bit peach-coloured for a couple of hours afterwards, and a paracetamol or two
as soon as I came out of the clinic kept the pain levels low.  The pain was
much like sinusitis pain, but not so bad.

I found that I had moving kaleidoscopes of light in my peripheral vision for a
few months, but I only really noticed it in the dark or when I closed my

Take a friend along with you, and remember your sunglasses, even in the deep
midwinter!  I used to sit in a darkened Pizza Hut for about an hour
afterwards, but maybe I shouldn't admit to that...!

HTH and doesn't discourage you.  It's most certainly worth it.

Best wishes


Abigail wrote:

I'm a bit anxious about the side effects of laser therapy. I know many people
on this list have gone through it and would be grateful for some reassurance
or honest information)

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