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Re: [IPk] retinopathy

Hi Abigail
Sorry to hear about the retinopathy. I have definitely heard that sudden 
improved control can bring about deterioration, but as you say, it should 
settle so I wouldn't worry too much about that. As you probably know, I have 
severe proliferative retinopathy (no doubt as a consequence of poor control 
in the past) even though my BP has always been low and so has my cholesterol.

If you do have to have laser, try not to worry about it too much. Most people 
only need a couple of sessions to stop it progressing any further, especially 
if their control is good at the time, and with only a couple of sessions 
you're very unlikely to have any side effects such as loss of your visual 
field or loss of sensitivity to changes in light. It's unlikely to hurt 
either. Most of those things only happen when you have a LOT of laser. I 
never noticed any side effects until I'd had about 20 sessions of laser, but 
it's very rare to need that many.
hope that helps

On Thursday 08 August 2002 06:34, you wrote:
> 6 months back I had a check up with the opthalmologist, who tthought there
> were possibly some early changes. Yesterday he had another look. There was
> definitely some background retinopathy. This would normally be
> insignificant, but it's close to the macula which is vital for vision. I
> was asked whether control has deteriorated( no, it's improved from 8.1 to
> 6.6 in the past 6 months and my blood pressure has returned to normal after
> a bit of a scare 2 years ago. Also my cholesterol has always been "good"
> The plan is to check it again in 4 months. It apparently may regress but if
> not he wants to zap it with laser. This will not be done straight away as
> laser itself apparently presents some risk.
> I wasn't as upset as I thought I would be after hearing such news, as I am
> pleased that my control has improved so significantly. But I feel anxious
> that I may not be able to maintain this level and also wonder whether this
> deterioration occured as a result of quite rapidly tightened control, which
> is a recognised phenomenon. At least if this is the case the problem should
> settle if control is maintained. I suppose it's far more likely to be a
> delayed consequence of a period of suboptimal control
> I'm a bit anxious about the side effects of laser therapy. I know many
> people on this list have gone through it and would be grateful for some
> reassurance ( or honest information)
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