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Re: [IPk] Hello Christine

Hi Lesley
yes, I lost my licence about 4 years ago due to retinopathy. Also I've had 
loads of laser treatment, my visual field wasn't reduced at all, but my sight 
has deteriorated a lot (I'm registered blind), and my vision is non-existent 
in bright or dim light. It sometimes annoys me that I can no longer drive, 
because I hate having to rely on other people for lifts, or simply not being 
able to go to places simply because I have no means of getting there. But I 
live in a city and can walk to work and to most places I go to, or I can get 
the bus or tram. I'm sure I'm a lot healthier for walking everywhere rather 
than driving! And I save an enormous amount of money through not having a 
car, especially as I get free local travel on public transport and reduced 
rail fares.

> Re driving - I lost my licence a couple of years ago.  My only complication
> after 34 years of diabetes is retinopathy, for which I have had quite of
> bit of laser treatment.  My eyesight is still good, but my visual field has
> been reduced enough for driving to be a problem.  However, over the 2 years
> I was undergoing laser treatment, I found my night vision was not good and
> oncoming traffic easily dazzled me, so I'd stopped driving in the dark
> anyway.  All in all, I've kind of got used to it without too much
> heartache, but then I work a short walk from my house, so that's very
> convenient!  I shed a tear, though, when I think I'll never be able to
> drive a mini again (my first car)!
> Hope the admin error is sorted soon.
> Best wishes
> Lesley
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