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[IPk] Re: 8 or 10 blood tests a day

Hi all,

> You would really think with the recent awareness of the cost of diabetes
> complications people would be more enlightened

Unfortunately it seems not! There was apparently a recent NHS directive
stating that test strip consumption should be reduced because many diabetics
were obsessively testing and apparently "we can't act on the results"

This is a strange generalisation that clearly depends on the person. Without
wishing to offend anyone, there clearly are some people who are less able to
act on their results than others. Type 2 DMers using diet or tablets alone
is a prime example. Individual, random readings are of little value to this
group of patients, with the long term picture being much more important.
Pumpers, on the other hand represent the group best able to act on their
individual results. Pumps are pretty much useless without a good bank of
data from which to initiallyset them up, and then monitor to ensure they
remain optimally adjusted for our needs.

Unfortunately I think this another example of three things. Firstly, some
healthcare professionals having the tendency to treat all their patients
with a particular condition as identical, and failing to recognise hteir
individual needs. Secondly, it is another example of how lack of education
and awareness about pumps is sometimes hindering their use in this country.
And finally, it is also an example of how the need to cut costs is so often
put before patient well being.

its funny that before pumping I occasionally worried that my repeat
prescription record must make it painfully obvious how little I was testing
(when the results were so awful, I just didn't want to know - I'm sure I'm
not the only one who's been there) Now I realise that my GP's surgery were
probably absolutely delighted with me! It took some negotiation to get 200
strips a month, but my GP flatly refused to put a second test strip type on
my prescription (for my back-up meter, which was given to me free) telling
me strips were too expensive and I already cost the NHS quite enough. My
argument that I would still be using the same total number of strips per
month fell on deaf ears. He just told me to buy a new meter that used the
same strips - its OK for me to have to pick up that cost!!

IDDM 18+yrs, MM507 2 1/2 months (Just tested my sugar AFTER cleaning my
teeth. Of course that meant it was low. Orange juice and
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