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[IPk] prescribing budgets

It's not so bad if strip quantity is cut but the GP will restore the amount
after an explanation

But as for GPs/ PCGs being under enormous pressure: as Tony so rightly pointed
out most diabetics only use ( and redeem ) 1/5 of minimum recommended strips (
ie only 1/5 of IDDMs collect enough to test once per day!).This is a survey
printed in the BMJ from a few years back. I will try to find the reference if
anyone is interested.
 I think with the NSFs we've gone so mad prescribing cholesterol lowering
drugs, which are quite costly to people who are only at real risk of heart
disease due to poor lifestyle( smoking/ obesity/ crap diet etc), that we
neglect those who are trying to manage a genuine illness, and some GPs seem to
think that type 1 DM is just a lifestyle ( or a punishment for being evil,
immoral, bad in a previous life etc )

Sorry to sound bitter. I've not had a bad personel experience( other than my
obese middle aged GP suggesting that perhaps my poor glycaemic control was due
to my lifestyle, prior to me starting on the pump)
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