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Re: [IPk] Blood tests per day


I am beginning to feel the odd one out here on testing. I tend to average 4 
to 5 tests per day unless there is something unusual going on or I need to 
check my basal rates.

I don't know if there is a difference between the Disetronic and Minimed 
pumps about how basal rates are setup but I know being able to set my basal 
rates for each hour of the day on the D-Tron/H-Tron certainly helps with 
control and daily variations.

On limiting the number of test strips. The prescribing budget for most 
PCT's/GP is under enormous pressure. Several years ago my repeat for test 
strips was cut, funnily enough towards the end of the financial year, I 
went to see my GP and it was restored. The explanation given was due to 
budget constraints and checking people actually need what they were asking for.

I recently attended a talk by our local PCT on prescribing and it is 
staggering how much money is spent on drugs and in general terms how much 
is wasted by people not collecting their prescriptions and going for 
repeats they don't need.


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