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[IPk] 8 - 10 blood tests a day...

Thanks everyone for your replies.  On 4 injections a day, I got good control on an average of 2 tests a day, and at one point it was suggested I loosened my control slightly!  However, in the meantime, my lipo has become a problem, and I've started exercising, so I find I need to test more often anyway.  

At the moment, I find blood testing is more or a pest than a pain - like a pause in the day before you can carry on.  I guess this is one attitude adjustment I'll have to learn.

Like some of you, I'm also rather unexcited by the GlucoWatch.  I've been watching out for non-invasive meters via the internet.  My odds-on favourite at the mo is on www.orsense.com - uses NIR technology and no consumables.  And it's scheduled for release (in America) later this year.  Which means middle of 2004....

Does anyone on this list have a DiaPort?

And finally, how do I switch from "browse" to "individual emails"?

Thanks for your support.


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